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NoStress @Work to reinforce team spirit and  wellbeing in your company.

I have been offering yoga classes at European Instutions for several years, creating physical and mental wellbeing for their staff.

Why a yoga class in your company?


Taking care of your team by offering them yoga or meditation classes is a great way to reinforce their team spirit but also to make sure that they learn how to reduce stress, breathe deeply and introduce movement in their week, which they often spent at the computer.

It's been scientifically proven that this can create back or shoulder pains, which you can prevent by practising yoga on a regular basis.

And if your team is happy, chances are that they will provide better quality work.... .

How does it work?


You'll need space (meeting room ...) available on a regular basis (i.e. weekly)

where your team and their mats can comfortably fit,

preferably with ventilation or heating according to the season.

Participants bring their own mats and comfortable clothes to change into

for the class, especially for yoga (preferably no jeans or skirts/dresses).

I'm taking care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at 50€ TTC with a monthly invoice.

(according to the size of the group and the location)

Please note that I don't drive thus I cannot easily reach some parts of Brussels.

What will my team get?

A full of hour yoga+ meditation or 45 minutes meditation.

What about the school/summer holidays?


I am also available during school or summer holidays although I do take a couple days off from time to time here and there. Traditionally no classes are held on December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st and January 1st nor on legal Belgian holidays.


More information?


Please contact me if you need any further information or to check our mutual availabilities for a trial session.

Please note that trial session will be charged at agreed price.

Classes will also be charged if cancelled less than 24 hours before start.

If cancellation happens on my behalf, you will be notified as early as possible and class will not be charged.


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