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If you're looking for a gentle class, with very little movement something really relaxing, or if you suffer from deep stress, muscular pain, articular issues, lack of sleep, you should consider more restorative classes.

These 2 classes are designed to help you relax deeply, be it more activey or passively.

Nevertheless, before following your first class with me, you will need to fill a small form that will help me to get to know a little more about you and your expectations and guide you towards the best class(es) for you.

GentleRestorative Flow

The best of two worlds :a gentle Flow class with few standing postures and a longer meditation that will help your mind to slowly calm down so you're ready to enjoy 30 minutes restorative yoga.

If you need to rerecharge your batteries or if you've had a busy week, and need to empty your mind, this class is for you!



Yin & Zen is THE relaxing class. We will breathe, stretch and relax with yoga poses in a Yin, restorative way. Sometimes we will also do pranayama or simply focus on the breath to bring an internal feeling to the whole hour. 

Poses can be either evolving so as to suit everyone's flexibility or evolving with your flexibility.

The soft glow of the candles also induces a relaxed and cocoon atmosphere (classes are obviously not candlelight in summer).

And if you're not flexible,, then this is actually the class for you! 

Beginners welcome.

Gnetle Restorative Flow may not be suitable for pregnant women n the last quarter of your pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is a risky one, please contact Nicole Couloubaritsis who will be happy to help you find a prenatal teacher close to you.

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